Application process

Please note that as of 1st January 2013 - due to the changes in the UEMS regulations - the deadline for the submission of the accreditation applciaiton has changed to 13 weeks before the planned start date of an event!

The following information is necessary to complete the application form:

Description of the live educational event

  • Event title
    • Please note that the use of a sponsor’s name in the event title will lead to automatic rejection of your application.
  • Event website
  • Venue
    • Multiple venues for the same educational event require separate applications.
  • Start date – end date
    • Only one date or set of dates is permitted for each event.
  • Duration of the event
  • Target audience
    • Specify the speciality and seniority of the doctor(s) most likely to benefit.
  • Main specialty of the event
  • Expected total number of participants
  • Educational needs
  • Expected educational outcomes
  • Clear description of the nature of the event
  • Methods to promote active learning
  • Confirmation of learner engagement
  • Compliance with all relevant ethic al, medico-legal, regulatory, industry-based and legal requirements
  • International audience
    • The remit of the EACCME is only for LEEs that will attract an international audience
  • Main language of the event
  • Simultaneous translation

Details of the provider

  • Short description of the provider organisation(s)
    • The provider must submit a short description of their own organisation, and any other(s) with which they are working
  • Lead person(s)/organisation(s) responsible for the preparation, planning and administration of the LEE
  • Medical practitioner of who will take responsibility for the application
    • This doctor must be registered with a Medical Regulatory Authority and his/her registration details must be provided

Scientific and/or organising committee

  • Head of the Scientific and/or Organising Committee
  • Members of the Scientific and/or Organising Committee
  • Please explain how any actual conflicts of interest involving members of the Scientific and/or Organising Committee have been resolved


  • Confirmation that all members of the faculty have provided written declarations of potential or actual conflicts of interest

Funding of the LEE

  • Sources of all funding
    • Name of sponsor(s)
    • Type of funding
    • Details of pending applications for funding
  • Schedule of fees for learners
  • Confirmation that all funding is provided free of any attempt to influence the programme, individual sessions, subjects for discussion, content or choice of faculty members

Promotional material

  • Confirmation that all the educational material is free of any form of advertising and any form of bias
  • Confirmation that the event complies with the applicable national rules, regulations and industry standards regarding exhibition areas where companies are permitted to present their products

Review by learners

  • Means for the learners to provide feedback on the LEE
  • Commitment to making available to the EACCME a report on the learners’ feedback and on the provider’s responses to these

Contact and billing information

  • Contact person for the application
  • Billing information


Additional questions/information.

European Accreditation - Administrative costs and accreditation fee

Accreditation fees, calculated prorata the expected number of participants, are charged to applicants whose event has been accredited by EBU and submitted to the UEMS clearing house system (EACCME) for European endorsement.

The EACCME applies the following fees for European accreditation:

From zero to 250 participants: 350 Euros
From 251 to 500 participants: 650 Euros
From 501 to 1000 participants: 950 Euros
From 1001 to 2000 participants: 1250 Euros
From 2001 to 5000 participants: 2450 Euros
More than 5000 participants: 4250 Euros


The review and accreditation process takes approximately 10 weeks. We recommend applying as soon as all required information is available.

Please note that as of 1st January 2013 - due to the changes in the UEMS regulations - the deadline for the submission of the accreditation applciaiton has changed to 13 weeks before the start date of the event!

Please note that incomplete information will delay the review of your application and could lead to its rejection.