FAQ on the accreditation of live educational events (LEEs) by the UEMS/EACCME

For which category of doctors are EACCME credits valid?
For fully qualified medical specialists. EACCME credits may be recognized by other categories of medical professionals. However the EACCME will only accept applications for events whose primary target are fully qualified medical specialists.

To which countries/specialities does EACCME accreditation applies?
EACCME accreditation will apply for all European countries and specialities that have a recognition agreement with the EACCME, and for countries (rest of the world) providing CME/CPD events that will be attended by doctors who reside in Europe.

For which countries can I submit an application with the EACCME?
Europe and the rest of the world except for North America, Canada and Dubai.

What is meant by Live Educational Event (LEE)?
Meeting, the primary purpose of which is the provision of educational material of a medical nature to doctors, with the aim that they will achieve educational benefit.

The UEMS recognises that some educational activities employ a range of methodologies, hence straddle areas of definition. The EACCME® will consider the accreditation of such activities on the basis of:
• the primary form of presentation;
• the potential for the learner to engage, actively, with the educational event or material.
The EACCME® reserves the right to determine which, if any, of its procedures should be applied to determine the eligibility for accreditation of any application

Which criteria apply to the accreditation of Live Educational Events (LEEs)?
UEMS 2012 / 30

Where can I submit my application for a Live Educational Event (LEE)?
The accreditation application canbe sumbitten only onlie trhouth either EU-ACME office or UEMS/EACCME. The only application form that will be accepted is that made available at www.eaccme.eu.

Who can I contact if I have a problem with my application for a Live Educational Event (LEE)?
If it concerns an administrative problem (status of application, payment…), please contact either EU-ACME office or UEMS/EACCME.
If it concerns a technical problem arising during the submission of your application, please contact the webmaster at helpdesk@uems.net

How long in advance do I need to submit my application for a Live Educational Event (LEE)?
The recommended time for the submission of an application is 18 weeks. The latest date for receipt of a fully completed application and confirmed payment of EACCME fee is 14 weeks. No application will be considered after that deadline. The applicant will be informed by email of the date on which the completed application form was received and on which the application fee was cleared.

How long does the evaluation/accreditation process take?
From receipt of a fully completed application (completed application form in English, with all relevant attachments and full payment), the EACCME commits to ensuring that a decision is provided to the applicant within 10 weeks of the starting date of the evaluation process. The applicant will be informed by email of the starting date on which the EACCME has begun its accreditation process. 


When do I need to pay my invoice?
As with any contractual agreement, all invoices must be paid. The invoice must be paid upon receipt at the time of submission of the application. An application will not be considered until payment has been received.

The billing address that appears on my invoice is incorrect. How can I change it?
You can edit the billing address in the status page of your application.

I made a mistake while entering the number of participants. How can I change this?
Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will have no right to reduce the expected number of participants. The applicant will have no right either to submit a new application with a reduced number of participants.

What is the fee for an application for a Live Educational Event (LEE)?
The fee for an application to the EACCME for the accreditation of a LEE is determined in accordance with the expected total attendance of participants and is not dependent on the number of ECMECs awarded.
The EACCME scale of fees is:
• from zero to 250 participants: 375 euros
• from 251 to 500 participants:  675 euros
• from 501 to 1000 participants: 1000 euros
• from 1001 to 2000 participants: 1300 euros
• from 2001 to 5000 participants: 2550 euros
• more than 5000 participants:  4400 euros
Grossly or significantly inaccurate attendance declarations will lead to automatic rejection of an application and/or future applications.

Does the EACCME apply “rush fees”?
The EACCME does not apply rush fees. All applications are processed on a same level of egality.

Will the fee paid be refunded by EACCME in case of cancellation of an application?
The EACCME will not refund the fee paid in case of cancellation of an application as the EACCME needs to pay its reviewers for the evaluation of the application.

Will the fee paid be refunded by EACCME in case of rejection of an application?
The EACCME will not refund the fee paid in case of rejection of an application as the EACCME needs to pay its reviewers for the evaluation of the application.

Can I pay my invoice by credit card?
No, the only means of payment accepted by the EACCME is payment by bank transfer.

Application form

Who is the “Provider”?
The individual or organisation responsible for the content, production and marketing of the LEE or, when a number of organisations are providing part of this, the organisation that has lead responsibility.

What is meant by a needs assessment?
An evaluation of the learning needs of a group of individuals who are likely to be representative of the intended target audience. The need may be based on specific research (needs expressed by participants) or may result from character of the event (eg. cyclic congresses, update courses and other events where new knowledge is presented).

What is meant by target audience?
Specific group of doctors identified as the intended recipients of a CME/CPD activity.

Who do you refer to as learner?
Doctor most likely to benefit from the LEE.

What do you mean by expected educational outcome?
Expected educational impact in knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviours, or ethical lessons, and where in a doctor’s practice this will have an impact.

What do you mean by “description of the nature of the event”?
Please indicate if the LEE will involve lectures, discussions, workshops and/or other educational methods, single or multiple sessions, and whether these will be sequential or in parallel.

Do you accept applications for repetitional events?
The EACCME will not allow the same application to be made for several dates even if the programme, venue, speakers are exactly the same. The EACCME accredits events on a case-by-case basis. For repetitional events, providers will need to submit a separate application for each date.

Do I need to submit a separate application for my pre/post-congress courses, workshops…?
A separate application for accreditation will be required for academic satellite symposia that are not part of the conference programme.

What do you mean by “suitable for an international audience”?
The LEE will need to demonstrate that it can accommodate the educational needs of an international audience with the primary language  determined by the composition of the audience and facilities available for interpretation as required.

What methods can I use to promote active learning?
Example: multimedia presentations; protected time for question and answer sessions; opportunities for audience participation; key-pad votes and discussion.

What mechanisms can I use to verify if the learner has engaged with the LEE?
- a mechanism for confirmation of attendance at the LEE (minimum requirement)
- smart cards confirming attendance at specific sessions
- requiring the learner to complete questions based on the LEE material
- requiring the learner to complete feedback forms, etc.
- an online evaluation system linked with the provision of a CME certificate is also acceptable.

Do I need to verify participants’ attendance?
Yes, you do. Participants should only receive the credits they are entitled to according to the time they have spent in the event. The minimum requirement is a list signed by each participant. More sophisticated methods, as those listed above, are encouraged.

With which ethical, medico-legal, regulatory, industry-based and legal requirements must the LEE comply?
The relevant legal, regulatory and industry-based standards will be those for the country in which the LEE is being held.

Who needs to provide a written declaration of potential or actual conflict of interest?
- all members of the Scientific and/or Organising Committee
- all members of the faculty

What conflict of interest do I need to declare?
Declarations must include whether any fee, honorarium or arrangement for re-imbursement of expenses in relation to the LEE has been provided (see EACCME COI declaration form).

Where do I need to declare my potential or actual conflict of interest?
- upon submission of the application
- in printed form, with the programme of the LEE
- on the website of the organiser of the LEE

Who needs to make sure that any actual conflict of interest has been addressed?
It is the responsibility of the head of the Scientific and/or Organising Committee to ensure that actual conflicts of interest have been addressed.

How long do I need to retain written declarations of potential or actual COI?
These declarations must be retained for at least one year after the event for potential review by the EACCME.

What is meant by “Faculty”?
The term “faculty” refers to the speakers on the programme.

What type of educational grant is allowed?
The EACCME will only accept unrestricted educational grants.

What is an unrestricted educational grant?
An unrestricted educational grant is a financial grant provided by a sponsor with no restrictions on the way it is used or attempt to influence the content of a programme or composition of a faculty of a meeting.

What level of hospitality does the EACCME allow?
Hospitality level has to be compatible with local regulations and in any case should not be excessive and shall be directly related to the basic objective of the Meeting.

Can I apply for accreditation if I am a pharmaceutical company?

Can I apply for accreditation if I am a medical equipment company?

Can I submit an application for a satellite symposium?
Yes, but only for satellite events that are of academic character and are not included in main event program. Such application has to be submitted separately. Events provided by the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries will not be considered for accreditation.

Does the EACCME accredit fellowships?
The EACCME does not currently provide accreditation for fellowships.

Can speakers receive credits?
Speakers can receive EACCME credits for the actual time spent in the LEE but not for their own presentation.

Can EACCME accreditation be transferred to a postponed event?
Accreditation by the EACCME® of a LEE will be for the specific event designated on the application form. It is not permissible to transfer this accreditation to any other event.

What will lead to automatic rejection of my application?
- Your application will be rejected at 13 weeks prior to the start of the LEE if it is not complete or if payment has not been received.
- Failure by a provider to disclose the means of funding of a LEE will lead to rejection of its application.
- Finding by EACCME that grossly or significantly inaccurate attendance declarations were submitted in the past will lead to automatic rejection of an application.
- The EACCME® will reject any application that, in its opinion, includes advertising of any product or company directly related to any educational material.
- Any attempt to contact the reviewers of the application will result in automatic rejection of the application and forfeiture of the fee.
- The Applicant, following request by the EACCME®, will have one opportunity to provide additional information. In order to achieve decisions within the tight timescales that apply for LEEs the applicant will be permitted one week to provide the requested information. If this is not fulfilled, the EACCME® will reject the application without further consideration.

Does the EACCME refund the fee paid in case of refusal and/or cancellation?

Do I have to pay the fee only for those medical specialists attending the event or for all the participants?
For the total number of expected attendees.

Can I apply for accreditation of an event after the event has taken place?
No, the EACCME does not grant European accreditation retrospectively.

Post-accreditation & Certificate

How do I know that my event is accredited?
In order for the EACCME to accredit an event, both EACCME designated evaluation bodies must support the application. The applicant is then informed by email that his/her application has received EACCME accreditation.

What do I need to do once my application has been accredited?
- Deliver the EACCME certificate of attendance to participants
- Provide participants with an evaluation form to be completed at the end of the event
- Provide the EACCME with a feedback report on the event within 4 weeks of completion of the event

Who delivers the certificates of accreditation to the participants?
The provider only. EACCME will not issue certificates to the participants even if the provider, for any reason, fails to deliver certificates.

Use of logo and EACCME statement

Until accreditation has been granted, what statement can I use to inform participants that I have applied for European accreditation?
Until confirmation of accreditation has been sent to the provider, the only permissible statement that can be made by the provider on material related to the LEE is “An application has been made to the EACCME for CME accreditation of this event”. The use of any statement by the provider that suggests that accreditation has been granted, or has been provisionally granted will result in automatic rejection of an application.

Once accreditation has been granted, what statement can I use on my printed material to inform participants that my event is EACCME accredited?
Confirmation of accreditation of the LEE by the EACCME will permit the provider to use a statement to this effect (prepared by the EACCME) on and within the material. The provider will receive a letter of accreditation with the total number of credits granted to the event and the official statement to be used on all material. Together with this, the provider will also receive a template of certificate to be distributed to the participants.

Can I use the UEMS logo on my printed material?
Only after confirmation of accreditation has been made can the provider use the UEMS logo on material related to the LEE. Any unauthorised use of the UEMS logo will result in action being taken by the UEMS.

Recognition of EACCME credits

How can participants in an accredited event claim the EACCME credits in their own country?
They need to hand in their certificate of accreditation delivered by the provider to their National Accreditation Authority.

Do participants need to send their certificate of accreditation to the EACCME to receive their credits?
No. They need to hand it in to their National Accreditation Authority to have their credits recognised.

How do American doctors claim their EACCME credits?
They contact the AMA.