Requirements for accreditation LEE

Accreditation requirements - international Live Educational Event

The accreditation of an international Live Educational Event (LEE) is performed on-line.

The LEE must be evaluated and accredited beforehand. 

To be accepted the LEE must:

  • Meet requirements as CME
  • Clearly state educational objectives
  • Fullfil a recognised professional need in the field, as defined in the statement of objectives
  • Present subject matter that attains the stated objectives
  • Make use of current teaching and learning techniques
  • Indicate selection criteria for presenters
  • Award certificates of attendance and course completion

CME credits will not be granted post facto; prior approval is required.

Please note that as of 1st January 2013 - due to the changes in the UEMS regulations - the deadline for the submission of the accreditation applciaiton has changed to 13 weeks before the planned start date of the event!

Before submitting your application, please make sure that you have the following documents ready for upload :

Completed and signed copies of:

PDF files of:

  • Latest version of the programme including
    • details of faculty members
    • titles of lectures, etc.
    • start and end time of individual lectures, workshops and sessions
    • expected learning outcomes
  • Programme overview (if available)
  • Learners’ feedback form (evaluation form)
  • Event report (to be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the event)
  • Final programme (following the LEE highlighting any differences from the version submitted with the original application)

(Teplates of the mandatory documents may be found in Document Library)

At its October 2010 Council meeting, the UEMS adopted the following policy:

 "The UEMS-EACCME will only consider for accreditation “live educational events” that fulfil, as part of its criteria for accreditation, specific requirements related to their funding. Accordingly, events directly funded and/or provided by the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries will not be considered for accreditation."
The EACCME will accept applications that include confirmation of funding through an "unrestricted educational grant" with full independence of the organizing committee regarding programme, speakers and content