Attendance control
It is the responsibility of the organiser of an EU-ACME accredited event to perform attendance control. Attendance control is voluntary to participants, which means that they are personally responsible for collecting credit points. We always advise EU-ACME participants to bring their membership cards when attending EU-ACME accredited activities. Only in this way we can guarantee automatic registration of the credit points.

Electronic attendance control - scanners
Attendance control is one of the requirements which CME providers need to fulfil so participants of the EU-ACME programme can gain their CME credits. The EU-ACME office strongly advises to use the portable scanners, thus improving data processing efficiency. Members of international urological associations who have already joined the programme can benefit from electronic attendance control through the EU-ACME membership card and portable scanners the EU-ACME office offers to organisers of CME accredited activities.
A new type of portable scanners has been purchased which do not need to be linked up to a computer.

Certificate of attendance
Participants of a CME event accredited by the EU-ACME through the EBU should receive a Certificate of Attendance with the number of CME points just earned at the end of the programme. The number of credits will depend on the time the physician spent in the CME activity.
It is always the organiser of the event who is responsible for the distribution of the certificates to participants, based on their effective participation to the programme.

List of attendance
After the meeting the organiser returns the scanners or the list with the participants’ EU-ACME member IDs to the EU-ACME office.
Activities that are not organised by your national association
The EAU, the ESPU, the Polish and the Turkish Urological Association work in close cooperation with the EU-ACME office. They also perform attendance control during CME accredited activities, using the EU-ACME card. This means that members of the EU-ACME program can automatically be registered during activities of these Associations by showing the EU-ACME membership card.

Activities that were not accredited by EU-ACME
Unfortunately, EU-ACME does not grant credits to activities that were not EU-ACME accredited beforehand because it is very difficult for us to retrieve a programme after an activity has taken place. It is the responsibility of an organiser to apply for accreditation in time.

Communication to participant
Another responsibility of the organiser is to clearly communicate to participants how attendance control is organized. Participants need to know where they can show their membership card in order to register for credits.