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European Urology
August 2017
  • Excisional Precision Matters: Understanding the Influence of Excisional Volume Loss on Renal Function After Partial Nephrectomy
    Julien Dagenais, Matthew J. Maurice, Pascal Mouracade, Onder Kara, Ercan Malkoc, Jihad H. Kaouk
  • Complications After Metastasectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma—A Population-based Assessment
    Christian P. Meyer, Maxine Sun, Jose A. Karam, Jeffrey J. Leow, Guillermo de Velasco, Sumanta K. Pal, Steven L. Chang, Quoc-Dien Trinh, Toni K. Choueiri
  • Tract Sizes in Miniaturized Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: A Systematic Review from the European Association of Urology Urolithiasis Guidelines Panel
    Yasir Ruhayel, Abdulkadir Tepeler, Saeed Dabestani, Steven MacLennan, Aleš Petřík, Kemal Sarica, Christian Seitz, Andreas Skolarikos, Michael Straub, Christian Türk, Yuhong Yuan, Thomas Knoll
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    January 2017 - Issue: 1
  • Regenerative Medicine in Bladder Reconstructive Surgery
    Ramnath Subramaniam
  • Contemporary Minimally Invasive Surgical Management of Urinary Stones in Children
    Kemal Sarica and Cahit Sahin
  • An Update of Current Practice in Hypospadias Surgery
    Alexander Springer, Serdar Tekgul and Ramnath Subramaniam
  • Patient Satisfaction with Surgical Outcome after Hypospadias Correction
    Elisabeth M.J. Dokter, Chantal M. Moue ̈s, Iris A.L.M. van Rooij, Jan J. van der Biezen
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