Frequently Asked Questions

I did not bring my membership card, can I still receive credits for this activity?

Members that have forgotten their membership card can still receive credits for the activity they attended. They need to fill out their EU-ACME registration number on their certificate of attendance and fax it to the EU-ACME office (+31 26 389 0848). It is also possible to fill out the EU-ACME membership number on the evaluation form of a course. However, these two options should only be seen as a solution to grant credits in the end, scanning is preferred.

I am a member of the EAU but I did not receive an EU-ACME membership card.

This often concerns junior or senior members of the EAU, who are not members of the EU-ACME programme. Junior EAU members need to wait until they receive their medical diploma. Others may become a member through one of the national societies (provided that it is affiliated) or throug an individual membership at the cost of € 33,- per year. Please download the membership application form here.

I am not a member of the EU-ACME programme - where can I get my credits?

The EU-ACME office can only grant credits to its members. However, most European countries also have a national CME system. In that case, participants can send their certificate of attendance to the national association of urology.

I cannot log into my personal page.

Different log-in details and passwords are always confusing. If you do not remember your username and/or password please contact the EU-ACME office.

Scanning the barcode does not work.

It is possible that you still have an old EU-ACME membership card.In 2009 a new personal EU-ACME membership card was deleloped which meets the requirements of the new portanble scanners. If you still did not receive the new card or you have issues with the new cards please contact the EU-ACME office.

I have forgotten my card

Participants may send a certificate of attendance as attachment via the Accreditation Services or after logging to its personal page. Alternatively it can be send to the EU-ACME office by fax: +31 26 389 0848 with mentioned CME registration number.

My card does not work

If your card does not work, please contact the EU-ACME office. You can send the card back to the EU-ACME office so a new one may be ordered.