Becoming the EU-ACME member

There are two ways to become a member of the EU-ACME programme

  • Urologists can become a member of the EU-ACME programme once they are either a member of a national urological society or international scientific society which is affiliated with the EU-ACME programme

So far, the national urological societies of the following countries have joined the programme:
Austria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey
and the following international urological societies have joined: EAU, ESPU, ICS

  • Urologists who are members of a national or international urological association which are not (yet) affiliated with the EU-ACME programme may become an individual members. The yearly membership fee is EUR 33.
    If you wish to become an individual member please click here to register on-line.


If your association is interested in cooperation and joining the EU-ACME programme, please contact the EU-ACME office by e-mail: or phone +31(0) 263890680.

Please note, that specialists need to be in active practice in order to be eligible for credits.