Collecting CME/CPD credits

The EU-ACME programme gives access to an online system, which helps urologists to keep track of their educational activities, irrespective of the country they practice in or where they have participated in CME/CPD-accredited activities.

Collecting CME Credits

In countries which have CME system in place, physicians are obliged to report their participation in CME activities. For this purpose CME Certificates are issued at the end of all accredited CME programmes (events, workshops, seminars). These certificates can then be presented to the demanding authority.

Necessity for CME
Keeping up-to-date with the latest achievements in diagnosis and treatment of one's specialty is a physician's professional obligation. In certain countries it has already become a legal obligation today.

Events calendar
Collect CME credits by choosing to attend accredited events: select accredited events organised in your country in our CME Events Calendar.

Collecting CPD Credits

Members that are active in CPD activities can apply for credit points on-line via Accreditation Services. The documental proof in ENGLISH can be attached or sent to the EU-ACME office. This may be done by current mail, e-mail, fax or on-line request.

Category 4 credits will be granted to scientific works published in medical journals, magazines or books; presentations, educational material, and videos or posters presented. Credits are granted only once per subject matter, regardless of the number of times presented and/or published. The following information is needed per activity:

For lectures / presentations:

  • Title of the lecture or presentation;
  • Name of the event where the lecture or presentation took place;
  • Venue;
  • Date;
  • Documental proof

For scientific publications:

  • Title of the magazine / book;
  • Year and number of issue;
  • Title of the article(s);
  • Documental proof;
  • Citation or PubMed-link

Application for credit attribution under category 5 must come with a letter stating:

  • CPD objectives achieved by the activity;
  • Proof that the activity undertaken is necessary in the field of CPD;
  • Programme of activities and techniques to be used;
  • Level of knowledge and/or technical skills to be achieved;
  • Names of instructors and/or institutions involved in the planning, administration and evaluation of the activity;
  • Final evaluation criteria;
  • Duration, venue and dates the activity initiated and ended

For participation in committees:

  • Name of the committee;
  • Duration of the committee membership;
  • Aim of the committee;
  • Documental proof

If the documental proof is only available in the national language, we would like to receive a translation of the proof. The accreditation requests go to the EBU Accreditation Committee through the EU-ACME office for assessment. Once the request is approved by Accreditation Committee, the credits will be granted to the EU-ACME member.