For which activities I can gain credits within the EU-ACME programme?

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Within the CME/CPD credit system a number of units, commonly called credits, are applied to all approved CME/CPD activities. The number of credits attributed to the activities depends on the kind of activity.

Participation in live (virtual) event
o Congress, seminar, symposium, course, workshop or another scientific meeting; either run independently or as part of an (inter) national Congress
o Webinar

Note: Approval of an official accreditation body is required. Industry-organised event is excluded.
1 per hour
Max. 8 for the full-day event
Participation in online course/e-learning confirmed by a test

Note: Approval of an official accreditation body is required. Industry- organised event is excluded.
1 per hour
Reading article in urological journals confirmed by a test (80% of the MCQs must be answered correctly)1 per article
Fellowship programme in an EBU Certified Centre2 per week
Max. 20 per year
European Urology Scholarship Programme (EUSP) in an EBU-EAU Certified Host Centre 2 per week
Max. 20 per year
Teaching activity: undergraduate, post-graduate or post-specialisation 1 per activity
Max. 5 per year
Development of clinical and/or technical skills 1 per activity
Max. 5 per year
Sub-specialisation/building-up special competence25
EBU In-Service Assessment 10
EBU Written Exam20
Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU) Diploma 30
Fellow Diploma sub-specializations (oral exam and obtaining of Fellow certificate)30
Master's Thesis25
Doctoral Thesis (PhD)50
Paper, poster, e-poster or another type of presentation during a scientific event5 per activity/act
Participation in debate, lecture, speech or interview5 per event
Participation in a guidelines, examination committee meeting 10 per meeting
Max. 20 per year (proof of attendance required)
Participation in council, committee, study group of a scientific, medical/administrative or professional nature2 per meeting/event
(proof of attendance required)
Scientific publication5 per publication
Each author gets credits
Member Editorial Board 5
Reviewer journal/paper2 per article
Max. 10 credits per year
Reviewer abstracts for a scientific meeting2 per article
Max. 4 credits per year
Organising symposium, seminar, course, etc.5 per event
Study visit0.5 per day
Max. 10 in 1 year
Training period in (inter)national hospital 1 per week
Max. 10 in 1 year
Fellowship programme in a non-EBU Certified Centre 1 credit per week
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