In 2004 the European Board of Urology (EBU) and the European Association of Urology (EAU) joined forces to promote Continuing Medical Education amongst all urologists in Europe by creating a new committee the EU-ACME.

Within the EU-ACME Committee, the EBU and the EAU  have equal representation and their roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

The EBU, through its Accreditation Committee, is charged with:

The EAU represents urology professionals in Europe and beyond with the mission to raise the level of urological care through:

  • providing scientific and educational activities;
  • distribution of (semi-)scientific literature and clinical practice guidelines.

The collaboration between the EAU and the EBU within the EU-ACME programme, offers efficient tools to ensure a professional system with extensive administrative advantages and possibilities.

Members EU-ACME Committee


  • Prof. Dr. M. Babjuk

EBU members

  • Prof. Dr. R.J.A. Van Moorselaar
  • Dr. K. German
  • Mr. M. Dimmen

EAU members

  • Prof. J. N’Dow
  • Prof. E. Liatsikos
  • Prof. P. Albers