Mandatory documents templates:

  • Director’s Declaration (completed and signed by the medical practitioner taking responsibility
    for the application );
  • Conflict of Interest (completed and signed by a chair and all members of the scientific/organizing committee);
  • Event Report (submit no later than 4 weeks after the event has taken place).

Consensus Statement for Independence and Funding of Continuing Medical Education(CME)/Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Members of the EU-ACME committee endorsed Consensus Statement for Independence and Funding of CME_CPD

Standards for Substantive Equivalency between CPD/CME Accreditation Systems

At the Cologne Consensus Conference 2020 members of the  International Academy for Continuing Professional Development Accreditation (IACPDA) adopted unanimously the Standards for Substantive Equivalency between CPD/CME Accreditation Systems.

These are the first Standards to set international guidelines for the accreditation of continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME) of medical doctors and healthcare teams.

Journal of European CME

a PubMed-indexed journal publishing open access, peer-reviewed research on CME-CPD planning, design, delivery, assessment and regulation.

JECME  aims to serve as the principal international journal for those who provide, accredit, partake in and benefit from the practice of CME-CPD.


Study concerning the review and mapping of continuous professional development and lifelong learning for health professionals in the EU