Accreditation/CME providers


The EU-ACME accreditation acknowledge that the CME organiser/provider of an event/activity has fulfilled the EBU requirements for a CME programme.
If so, a number of credit points is allocated to a programme in compliance with the EBU regulation – 1 hour equals 1 credit point with a maximum of 8 credits per day.

Within the EU-ACME programme the CME organiser/provider may apply directly to the EU-ACME office online to request accreditation of:

  • national live educational event in the countries where there is no CME system at all and no accreditation institution/committee,
  • e-learning materials.

The EU-ACME accreditation is in compliance with the EBU CME/CPD credit system.


CME activities are almost always geared toward practicing physicians and are designed to provide information that is both relevant and essential to medical practice. To achieve these aims, successful CME programs are based on effective educational principles that promote the acquisition of knowledge while promoting efficiency, professional integrity and high ethical standards.


Within the EU-ACME programme a live educational event is an event, where primary purpose of which is the provision of educational material of a medical nature to medical specialists, with the ail that they will achieve educational benefit. It required presence of a participant on the event’s site or a tele-presence when an event takes place.

Example of such activity – congresses, courses, seminars, symposia. Workshops or other scientific meetings run independently or included in a congress. Live webinars


Within the EU-ACME programme a live educational activity is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access an enduring educational content at a time convenient to a learner.

Example of such activity – CD-rom, online course, webinar.


In countries where CME systems already exist, accreditation of national meetings is overseen by national authorities or special accreditation committees of scientific organisations.

The EU-ACME office does not interfere with the national accreditation.

The national urological societies affiliated with the EU-ACME programme have their CME systems harmonised with the EBU system.


The EU-ACME accreditation of CME programmes in urology is complementary to the competence and activities of National Accreditation Authorities, rather than competitive. The accreditation system and procedures are based on EBU regulations.

Register Accredited CME Activity

Within the EU-ACME programme CME/CPD organizer may register already accredited activities to help urologist in collecting the CME credits.