Accreditation of national CME events

National CME events may be accredited within the EU-ACME programme if a country has no CME system at all and no accreditation institution/committee.

Before the meeting:

The CME/CNE organiser/provider must apply online at least 2 months before a meeting takes place. During the application process the CME/CNE organiser/provider will have to:

NB. All documents should be in English.

The EU-ACME/ACNE office check the application and issue an Invoice. After the payment is fulfilled the application is forwarded for evaluation.

The EU-ACME/ACNE office confirms the decision and issues the Accreditation certificate, if applicable.

During the meeting:

The CME/CNE organiser/provider is expected to communicate clearly to participants that the event is accredited (web site, programme book, certificate of attendance) and how attendance is verified. Participants ought to be told where to sign the list of attendance and/or scan their EU-ACME/ACNE membership cards in order to register for credits.

The EU-ACME/ACNE office offers assistance in providing logistical support for the obligatory attendance verification.

After the meeting:

  • the organiser returns the scanners or the list with the participants’ EU-ACME/ACNE member IDs (if applicable) to the EU-ACME/ACNE office;
  • The EU-ACME/ACNE office adds the number of credits allocated to the meeting to the accounts of the members participating in the EU-ACME/ACNE programme in its database.