Registration of accredited CME/CNE events

In countries where CME/CNE systems already exist, accreditation of national meetings is overseen by national authorities or special accreditation committees of scientific organisations.
The EU-ACME/ACME office does not interfere with the national accreditation process.

The CME/CNE provider may register already accredited event online via the EU-ACME website.
During the registration process following documents need to be provided:

  • a detailed programme;
  • copy of accreditation certificate by the national authority;

NB. All documents should be in English.

The EU-ACME office:

  • review submitted application
  • register the event in its database
  • informs the meeting organiser accordingly.

During the event:

The EU-ACME/ACNE office offers assistance in providing logistical support for the obligatory attendance verification.

After the event:

  • the organiser returns the scanners or a list of participants (with EU-ACME/ACNE member IDs if available) to the EU-ACME/ACNE office;
  • The EU-ACME/ACNE office adds the number of credits allocated to the meeting to the accounts of the members participating in the EU-ACME/ACNE programme in its database.