Registration of accredited CME events

Registration of accredited CME events

In countries where CME systems already exist, accreditation of national meetings
is overseen by national authorities or special accreditation committees of scientific
organisations. The EU-ACME office does not interfere with the national accreditation process.

The CME/CPD provider may register already accredited event online via the EU-ACME website. During the registration process following documents need to be provided:

  • a detailed programme;
  • copy of accreditation certificate by the national authority;

NB. All documents should be in English.

The EU-ACME office:

  • review submitted application
  • register the event in its database
  • informs the meeting organiser accordingly.

Did you organise CME event? Was it accredited?

Help urologists to collect credits

To access the online applicaiton CME provider has to register first.

During the meeting:

The EU-ACME office offers assistance in providing logistical support for the obligatory attendance verification.

After the meeting:

  • the organiser returns the scanners or a list of participants (with EU-ACME member IDs if available) to the EU-ACME office;
  • The EU-ACME office adds the number of credits allocated to the meeting to the accounts of the members participating in the EU-ACME programme in its database.