There are two ways to become a member of the EU-ACME/ACNE programme

  • Medical professional can become a member of the EU-ACME/ACNE programme once they are either a member of a national urological society or an international scientific society that is affiliated with the EU-ACME/EU-ACME programme

So far, the national urological societies of the following countries have joined the programme: Estonia, Greece, Poland, The Netherlands, and the following international urological societies have joined: EAU, EAUN, ESPU, ICS

  • The medical professional who is a member of a national or international urological association that is not (yet) affiliated with the EU-ACME programme may become an individual member.
    The yearly membership fee is EUR 33. If you wish to become an individual member please click here to register online.

Please note, that medical professional needs to be in active practice in order to be eligible for credits.

The EU-ACME Programme offers:

  • access to the online CME/CPD portfolio (MyCME)
  • registration of CME/CPD credit in MyCME – online portfolio,
  • validation of activities registered by the EU-ACME members,
  • the EU‑ACME membership card,
  • yearly Credit Registry Report listing all collected CME/CPD credit points,
  • registration of accredited on national and/or European level CME events,
  • assistance in obtaining European Accreditation.