CME/CPD credit system activities

Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development (CDP) consist of educational activities, which serve to maintain and increase the knowledge and develop skills of urologists.

Within the CME/CPD credit system a number of units, commonly called credits, are applied to all approved CME/CPD activities. The number of credits attributed to the activities depends on the kind of activity.

The number of credits considered the minimum necessary for adequate training/experience as a specialist, for a period of five years is defined by the EBU Accreditation committee.

In 2019 the CME/CPD credit system was updated giving CME and CPD more equal importance. The new regulations are valid as of 1st January 2020.

Participation in live (virtual) event
o Congress, seminar, symposium, course, workshop or another scientific meeting; either run independently or as part of an (inter) national Congress
o Webinar

Note: Approval of an official accreditation body is required. Industry-organised event is excluded.
1 per hour
Max. 8 for the full-day event
Participation in online course/e-learning confirmed by a test

Note: Approval of an official accreditation body is required. Industry- organised event is excluded.
1 per hour
Reading article in urological journals confirmed by a test (80% of the MCQs must be answered correctly)1 per article
Fellowship programme in an EBU Certified Centre2 per week
Max. 20 per year
European Urology Scholarship Programme (EUSP) in an EBU-EAU Certified Host Centre 2 per week
Max. 20 per year
Teaching activity: undergraduate, post-graduate or post-specialisation 1 per activity
Max. 5 per year
Development of clinical and/or technical skills 1 per activity
Max. 5 per year
Sub-specialisation/building-up special competence25
EBU In-Service Assessment 10
EBU Written Exam20
Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU) Diploma 30
Fellow Diploma sub-specializations (oral exam and obtaining of Fellow certificate)30
Master's Thesis25
Doctoral Thesis (PhD)50
Paper, poster, e-poster or another type of presentation during a scientific event5 per activity/act
Participation in debate, lecture, speech or interview5 per event
Participation in a guidelines, examination committee meeting 10 per meeting
Max. 20 per year (proof of attendance required)
Participation in council, committee, study group of a scientific, medical/administrative or professional nature2 per meeting/event
(proof of attendance required)
Scientific publication5 per publication
Each author gets credits
Member Editorial Board 5
Reviewer journal/paper2 per article
Max. 10 credits per year
Reviewer abstracts for a scientific meeting2 per article
Max. 4 credits per year
Organising symposium, seminar, course, etc.5 per event
Study visit0.5 per day
Max. 10 in 1 year
Training period in (inter)national hospital 1 per week
Max. 10 in 1 year
Fellowship programme in a non-EBU Certified Centre 1 credit per week