Credit Registry Report 2020 in your mailbox!

The yearly Credit Registry Report 2020 was sent to all EU-ACME members who have attended and registered activities in 2020.

The report states activities accredited within the EU-ACME programme, as well as the activities submitted by you via MyCME/CNE – your online CME/CPD portfolio.

No e-mail with CRR?

Not only check your spam box but log in to MyCME/CNE and make sure your personal data and e-mail address are correct!

If you feel activities have been omitted in the CRR, please log in to MyCME/CNE and register missing activities with eligible documental proof.

Where to find CRR?

Log in to MyCME/CNEgo to Credit Registry Report, download your CRR 2020 and check if all activities are listed.

CRR2020 on MyCME/CNE

Visit MyCME/CNE – How to/FAQ for more hints on how to register activities via MyCME.