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How to obtain a Certificate of Attendance/List of Attended Sessions from events organized by the EAU?

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The organizer of the accredited event is obliged to hand out a certificate of attendance where the accreditation text together with the name of an accreditation body is clearly stated.

On the certificate, the accreditation statement with the total number of granted credits to the congress is printed.
As it is stated in the accreditation text: Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.

  • Additionally to the certificate, you may print a List of Attended Sessions (via this link http://uroweb.org/events/attended-meetings/) with listed all attended scientific sessions – if you scanned your badge.
  • Benefit from being the EU-ACME Member and access your online portfolio – MyCME, to generate and print a Credit Registry Report listing required event. Your username is salgado_plonski.

These documents you may present to your national accreditation body for recognition. If you need more information and help please contact the organizer of this meeting.