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How to register my presentations, presentations: papers, posters or other types?

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The event you have been participated in already exists in our database or you have added a new event – great

You may now add your activity – Presentations, presentations: papers, posters, or other types.

  • The new step Activity Details will open.

Next to Activity type click on the dropdown arrow and select Presentations, presentations: papers, posters or other types

How to register presentation

The subpanel will open. Please check first if the title of the presentation is already registered, so you could add your name.

How to register presentation

Others please click on ADD NEW ACTIVITY button.

How to register presentation

Please enter the title of your presentation, poster, etc. in English. You may as well enter the title in the original language in the below field.

For paediatric activities, please do not forget to select the specialty type.

Please note that within the EU-ACME programme the credits are allocated only once per subject matter.
Therefore it is required to enter the title of your activity as it is stated in the programme of an event.
Failing to do so will lead to rejection of your request.

How to register presentation

Please enter the date you have been given presentation, poster, etc.

How to register presentation

Click on NEXT STEP: DOCUMENTS, to add a documental proof.

To add a documental proof either click in the space with the text Drop file here to upload, or drop the file there.

Please check which documental proofs are eligible.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

Note that you are able to add more documents and or remove the one uploaded by mistake.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

Please make sure that the file upload is completed!

The EU-ACME office will not proceed with your request without valid documental proof.

To finalise your request, please click on NEXT STEP: DONE.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

You will be routed to the final step. Here you will find an overview of your request.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

At the bottom you will find 2 buttons:

ADD NEW EVENT – if you participated in another event and would like to add an activity to it – click this button.

ADD ANOTHER ACTIVITY – if you would like to register another activity under the same event, e.g. you have just registered your participation, but you gave a presentation during this event as well – click on this button to register this new activity.