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Which documental proofs should I submit to obtain credits for participation in a congress, a workshop, an online course, etc.?

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Eligible documental proofs:

  • if you participated in a live educational event/e-learning, e.g. conference, congress, meeting, course, etc. – you should receive a certificate of attendance.
    If the meeting is accredited it should be clearly stated on the certificate by which institution, with the total of granted credit.
    Therefore, if you wish to have CME credits added to your account, please check a certificate of attendance.
    The CME provider/organiser of the accredited event is obliged to issue a certificate with the information mentioned above.

Please note that a copy of a badge or a registration confirmation is not an eligible document to obtain CME credits.

Please note that the documental proof must be in ENGLISH .
If the documental proof is only available in the national language, we would like to receive a translation of the proof.