Event Report

Event Report – must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the event has taken place online via MyCME.

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest – must be completed and signed by each member of the Organising/Scientific Committee (chair and all members of the scientific/organizing committee); CoI must be provided for each member of the Organising/Scientific Committee. Before you...

Director’s Declaration

Director’s Declaration – must be completed and signed by the medical practitioner taking responsibility for the application (chair of the scientific/organizing committee); Before you start application process, please make sure you have all mandatory documents...

What are benefits of the EU-ACME accreditation?

Benefits of the EU-ACME accreditation ar: Internationally recognized accreditation ensuring high-quality standards; Quality control of the event by international experts; Events advertised on the EU-ACME website; Possibility to use the EU-ACME and the EBU logo on...

Why apply for eu-acme accreditation of educational events?

The CME events awarded with the EU-ACME accreditation distinguish themselves from other educational events offered to medical specialists because their level of educational and scientific value is confirmed by the European Board of Urology.