On 22 January 2019, the CME Experts Permanent Committee was established within the BioMed Alliance,

Continuing medical education (CME) is essential for healthcare professionals to keep track of the latest developments in healthcare and provide the best possible care to their patients. Members of the CME experts committee tap into the complexity of the European system for guaranteeing the quality of CME. They study and discuss this important topic and further explore the potential role of the BioMed Alliance in enhancing the quality of CME now and in the future.

The representatives of the EU-ACME committee are members of the committee.

The BioMed Alliance released a new statement and a letter to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calling for support for medical and research societies to ensure continued guidance for healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic poses a major challenge that has a disruptive effect on European health systems and societies. European health professionals are working around the clock to save the lives of European patients, and governments and the EU Institutions are doing everything in their power to support their heroic efforts. However, the medical and research societies that health professionals rely on for up-to-date information on clinical practice are facing serious challenges. As medical congresses are being cancelled or postponed, not-for-profit societies are faced with substantial costs that may threaten their existence and thus their ability to provide clinical guidance to health professionals. Therefore, the Biomedical Alliance in Europe calls on the EU and Member States to support medical societies to ensure they can continue providing their services now and in the future.