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How to add a new event, e.g. congress, conference, workshop, online course?

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You have been searching in our database for the event you have been participated in without results.

The event you have participated in does not show in the search results.

In such a case you will be required to register this event first, before adding activity to it.

  • Please click on the button ADD NEW EVENT.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

  • To register a new event please fill in all required fields (marked with *).

Please enter the Event name/title in English. You may enter the name in your original language in the file below.

If your meeting was accredited and you know by which institution, please fill in this information as well.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

You may add the latest version of the event programme.

MyCME How to - Adding new event

After all required fields are completed please click Next step: Activity details to add your activity.